"Our goal is to provide the best healthcare service to

each and every patient, every time, every day”

We are a dedicated group of healthcare professionals with more than 10 years of experience taking care of Hispanic patients.  our group has provided the best in healthcare and the latest in healthcare products to the people of Northern California, the Bay Area in Particular.

Our physicians are world leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of complex illnesses, and our retail stores and clinics are among the best in the country. Consistently ranked one of the top five Hispanic service providers in the western United States, Milagros Medical is at the cutting edge of family medicine, diabetes and weight control and our doctors and management team are leaders in performing pioneering work across an astounding range of disciplines.

Mision & Vision


Our mission is to deliver the best affordable family care, diabetes care and weight management programs to the Hispanic demographic in the U.S.


Our vision is to heal each and every Hispanic, one patient at a time, by improving health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness.


Who we are


Milagros Medical has the best Medical team in NorCal serving the Bay Area.  As the number of Milagros’ Midical Clinics has grown over the years, we have remained true to our founding mission of providing easy access to health services.


We are a group of individuals passionate about what we do.  We strive to be the best affordable healthcare provider to the Hispanic community and to the uninsured.  We believe that our services and prices support the communities we serve.

Our Clinics


Our clinics are located throughout the Bay Area and are in most cases collocated with California’s leading Hispanic Retailer Milagros de Mexico.